Jessica Story

When leaving a local newsagent I was stopped by a man who reached out and shook my hand casually asking how I was and smiling, to look less suspicious to other people around. He then asked me to hand over any money I had. I had just put my money away in my bag. On automatic pilot, I performed the self defence movement for the handshake I learned recently which involves twisting the wrist and thrusting down. This then caused him to fall to the floor. He then walked away. Without learning this movement in one of the self-defence aspects of the Martial Arts training sessions I attend, I could have been in much more trouble!#kidsantibullying

Jack Story

My name is Jack i am eight years old. The reason I started Martial Arts was because I was being bullied at school. I had always enjoyed school but when I was being bullied I couldn’t stand going. I was very quiet when I came home because it was on my mind all the time. I didn’t want to tell anybody because I hoped it might stop but it got worse so I did tell my Dad. That weekend I had a football tournament and that’s when my Dad met Mr. Bartlette, he teaches Martial Arts and said he could help me. I have been going to Martial Art classes ever since with my brother and my Dad and it makes me feel really good; I am now a yellow belt. Last week the same bully picked on me again. I have been trained to say that I don’t want any trouble but he still tried to hit me. I blocked his fist and then grabbed his arm and left him on the floor. I felt brilliant and not scared, I don't think he will pick on me anymore. #kidsantibullying

William Story

I Started training with Phillip because i was being bullied at school. the classes with Phillip gave me the confidence to talk up about being bullied. and the strength and techniques to defend myself. the classses changed my life. #kidsantibullying

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